Boiler Installation within 48 hours

By: admin

19 May 2019

Last week we carried out a gas safety certificate for one of our clients, but unfortunately on close inspection a leak from the flue had slowly corroded the boiler. We advised the landlord it was not feasible to repair the boiler due to the amount of damage caused by the leak.

The leak not only impaired the boiler but also caused damage to the fan causing a high reading of co e-missions. The co reading was above the threshold, so had to also had to class the boiler immediately dangerous on the gas safety certificate. consequently we had to also turn the gas off in the property.

Our client than instructed us to provide a quote on a new boiler, which was accepted. As the clients tenants did not have not water and heating we managed to carry out the works within 48 hours. The landlord was very happy due to fast deliver, and now peace of mind, and their tenant is now happy she is safe, and has hot water and heating.

New Boiler installed from only £450 + vat
Flue sealed to meet regulations
Flue ratio check to ensure it is safe and can be commissioned.

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