Which Gas Certificate do I require?

This article has been written to assist in finding the type and cost of the gas certificate required. We only inspect Residential Properties with a residential gas meter, pipework and appliances. If you need a Commerical Certificate please contact us.

Gas Safety Certificate – Gas Meter Only

£35 inc VAT

This certificate is required if  you have no gas appliances in the property, but still have gas running through the pipe work. This type of setup is common in Council flats where the primary gas pipe work is in the basement and the gas pipe work is integrated into the building structure linked to a secondary meter, consequently even if the gas is capped off at the secondary meter, active gas pipe work may still be in the property. All the appliances could be electric, but because the pipe work in the property has gas still going through it –  a gas meter test is still required to check if it Safe. Also some property owners still want to keep the Gas Pipe work active as at a later stage may want to install gas appliances. It is important that a gas meter or tightness test is performed every year to ensure there are no gas leaks in the property.

  • Gas Meter and Pipework Only
Gas Safety Certificate – 1 Appliance

£40 inc VAT

The most common type of scenario for 1 Appliance is when there is only a Gas Boiler in the property. Please note when an appliance is tested, the gas meter and pipework will also be inspected.

  • Gas Boiler
Gas Safety Certificate – 2 Appliances

£48 inc VAT

The most common type of scenario for 2 appliance  is when a landlord has a Gas Boiler and Gas Hob. Please note when an appliance is tested, the gas meter and pipework will also be inspected.

  • Gas Boiler and Gas Hob
  • Gas Boiler and Gas Fire
Gas Safety Certificate – 3 Appliances

£58 inc VAT

  • Gas Boiler, Gas Hob, and Gas Oven
  • Gas Boiler, Gas Hob, and Gas Fire
  • Gas Boiler and two Gas Fires
Gas Safety Certificate – 4 Appliances

£68 inc VAT

There could be various combinations for 4 appliances and will list a few below

  • Gas Boiler, Gas Hob, and two Gas Fires
  • Gas Boiler, Gas Hob, Gas Oven, and Gas Fire
  • Gas Boiler, Gas Hob, Gas Hob, and Gas Fire
  • and so forth.
*Please note every gas safety certificate that has one or more appliance, a gas meter and pipework inspection will also be conducted.
Should all my gas appliances be Tested?


By Law, all Gas Appliances in a property have to be tested in an inspection, owned by the landlord. You cannot pick and choose which appliances to test, even if you had a new appliance installed within a year. A gas safety engineer can only certify a gas certificate or deem a property gas safe, if all the appliances in the property have been tested on the day.


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