Emergency Lighting Certificate

Emergency Light testing is carried out to ensure the lights in the property are work correctly and safely.

Emergency Light testing is carried out to ensure the lights in the property are work correctly and safely. They are important to health and safety and should illuminate exit routes. Emergency Lighting test is mandatory for all HMO properties.


These routes are for people leaving the building in a emergency. A safe exit must always be illuminated.

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Emergency lights are used for various reasons as follows;

  • Loss of power
  • Failure to the lighting system
  • Fire

If the emergency lights do not work correctly; this could result in serious outcomes which include injury and death.It is necessary for people to be able to find their way out of a dwelling to a place of safety if there is a fire. The escape routes should be free from clutter and have sufficient light to ensure safe escape. This ensures all exit routes are illuminated. This is for all places with guest access and include the following:

  • Guest Access
  • Public Access

Emergency Light testing should be carried out on a regular basis. Once completed the emergency light test readings should be placed in the log book provided for recording keeping. This will include the time and date. Once completed by a contractor you should also receive a emergency light certificate. Our skilled engineers carry out a variety of tests on your lighting systems:

  • Each light is inspected to ensure the bulb is functional and the housing is secure and undamaged.
  • All the lights are isolated from their electrical supply for three hours to ensure they can maintain illumination for the required period of time.
  • Tested areas are inspected to ensure that they have sufficient emergency lighting and signage.

Failure to comply with these requirements can result in prosecution. You could ultimately end up in a criminal court if there is serious injury or death; as a failure to comply with the emergency light testing procedures.

Emergency Lighting Certificate
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Electrical Lighting Certificate is £90 when purchased alongside an EICR, if purchased by itself an Electrical Lighting Certificate is £120 inc VAT

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