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From 9 January 2013 all advertisements for either selling or renting property must clearly show the energy rating of the building. This includes newspapers and magazines, any written material produced by the landlords or estate/letting agents, and on the internet.

As the EPC arm of a well respected Property Services company we are able to provide you with a cheap EPC thanks to our economies of scale and the size of our operations. Just as large supermarkets can command better prices for their customers without reducing quality, we can supply you with a cheap EPC without compromising on our service or quality of the EPC report. We value our clients and we value our employees. We do not offer incentives to cram in as many cheap EPCs as possible per day and we only use fully insured and qualified DEAs to carry out EPC assessments. We believe this is the right way to do business and results in happy clients and happy employees.

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Why do you need one?

Landlords and Property Owners in England & Wales are required to provide Energy Performance Certificates (EPC’s) to any prospective buyer or tenant when they lease, build or sell a Residential or Commercial Property. An EPC is also now a requirement for all dwellings at the construction stage.

All Residential and Commercial Properties for Sale or Rent will need to be examined and given an EPC. This rates the building’s energy efficiency on a scale from A to G and will show where the rating could be after a few improvements. This will assist in reducing CO² emissions.

Energy Performance Certificates tell you how energy efficient a home is on a scale of A-G. The most efficient homes which should have the lowest fuel bills are in band A. It is now mandatory all properties are band D to rent out.

The EPC is valid for 10 years and must be in place before the property goes to market. If any changes to the thermal elements are carried out within that time a new report or an updated epc will be required.

How long does it take to do an EPC?

On average the amount of time to do an EPC assessment on a property which is under 120m2 or under a 3 bedroom house, will take around 30 – 45 minutes.

What happens during an EPC Assessment?

EPC energy-accredited assessor will need access to your whole property in order to fully complete your domestic energy assessment. The areas we survey include:

  • Heating systems like boilers, including thermostats.
  • The age, construction and size of the property;
  • Insulation – cavity wall, loft insulation. If insulation is not accessible you will need to show your building control documents;
  • Lighting – will check if energy efficient lighting is used such as LEDs;
  • Windows – if you have double glazing, and checking U values of any other glazing.

Who can carry out an EPC assessment?

An EPC assessment must be undertaken and carried out by a qualified, experienced, and accredited Domestic Energy Assessor (DEA). A DEA is a trained professional who has great experience in determining the energy performance of a property, so their advice and rating are to be trusted. Landlord Certificates Ltd is a member of the Elmhurst’s government approved DEA accreditation scheme and all our assessors are registered under us and are CRB checked.

How long after the assessment will I receive my EPC?

It can take up to 48 hours to get all the calculations and report together to provide you with a final EPC rating.

How will I receive my EPC?

Once ready, we will send you a link to the .gov.uk website; where all EPCs are lodged or registered. You will be able to download or print it from the website once its uploaded.

What is the minimum EPC rating I can have to rent out?

EPCs are graded A – G. if you are renting out your home, the law requires the EPC to show a minimum rating of E for all new tenancies and – as from 2020 – all existing tenancies.

How can I find out the EPC rating of a property?

If you have purchased or just moved into a property, you can find out the EPC rating by searching for it on the EPC register. This is a government-run website that keeps information on all EPC ratings in the UK. You can also request a copy of your EPC certificate. Find out more by clicking on the gov.uk website (external link)

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