At Landlord Certificates Ltd we try to make it everything very simple and stress free. Purchasing and installing a new boiler can be a very stressful experience for anyone, especially if you do not know what you are doing or looking for. We have proposed 3 simple packages to suite any Landlord ‘s Budget and continuously source the best and robust heating technololgy; ultimately beating any breakdown package offered by any of the major insurance companies.

A basic concept in Economics is called ‘Opportunity Cost’.

For example if you can either pay £24 /mth for a boiler breakdown package – and within  3 years (which is when a breakdown is likely to happen) you would have paid over £800. Alternatively you could of purchased a brand new boiler with a 7 year warranty for parts and labour for £800. 7 years worth of cover for parts and labour would amount to over £2,000 if you had taken breakdown cover. What would be your choice?



Full Payment
  • Baxi or Glow Worm boiler
  • Standard 2 years warranty
  • 2 Years of Free Servicing



boiler install

Full Payment

  • Vaillant Eco Tech Pro 24
  • Wireless Programmable Room Thermostat VRT 350f
  • Magna Clean Pro
  • 5 years extended warranty
  • 2 years worth of Boiler Servicing


boiler install

Full Payment
  • Vaillant Eco Tech Plus
  • Wireless Programmable Room Thermostat VRT 350f
  • Magna Clean & Inhibitor
  • 7 years extended warranty
  • 3 years worth of Boiler Servicing
  • 2 years worth of CP12s

Our engineer are not only Gas Safe, but are also full trained by the actual manufacturer to install Gas Boilers:

All our engineers are trained by the manufacturers above, and that is why our boiler installation service is superior to many other companies out there.

A major benefit using a Gas Safe engineer who is qualified and trained by the actual manufactuer is that the installer can extend your warranty on the boiler by up to 10 years on parts and labour.

How much do you charge for labour?

Based on a Combi Swap it will be only £550 ex VAT for labour only. If you require a conversion or anything please call our Sales Line who will give you a competivte quote

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