Electrical Fault Finding

  • Fuses blowing out regularly
  • Flickering lighting?
  • Loss of power supply?
  • Overheating cables?
  • Tripping circuit breakers or a blowing fuse
  • appliances malfunctioning

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There are all sure indications that there are some electrical faults are in your system. This is why one of our specialised services is electrical fault finding. We understand that things like blow outs and shorting can occur at any time, this is why we aim to provide you with qualified help in the shortest time possible.

The process of finding the faulty part or area includes not only the inspection of wiring but also a check up of all the electrical fittings and fixtures, including appliances with notable power consumption that may have overloaded the system. In the case of such electrical problem, professional help must be called immediately; under no circumstances should an unqualified person be allowed to attempt repairs as this may result in serious injury or even death, please leave electrical work to us.

Once the problem has been isolated the faulty component will either be replaced immediately by the electrician, or as soon as an alternative can be sourced, and finally the corrected circuit will be tested  to make sure that all is working properly and there is nothing missed. We aim to provide our customers with full start to end and continuous maintenance and inspections where needed, for yours and our peace of mind.

Landlord Certificates Ltd, is registered with NICEIC

We use electrical engineers who are members of NICEIC, Napit and ELECSA.

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