Gas Leak RepairOne the main tests we do carrying out gas safety certificate is called a Gas Tightness Test. This is a procedure where we measure the gas pressure from your gas meter. If there is a significant drop in pressure this indicates a Gas Leak.

If there is a Gas Leak at any property the gas supply must be shut off at the mains until the leak is repaired.

As a householder or tenant you may also call a gas safe engineer to carry out this procedure if you smell gas – again if there is a drop in pressure the mains will be shut off.

All our gas safe engineers are specialist in finding (using a tool commonly known as a ‘Sniffer’ to trace the leak and have the tools to immediately repair the leak if easily accessible.

95% of leaks are found and repaired within 1 hour.

We only charge £65 + vat an hour.

If you SMELL GAS why not book in one of our gas engineers to check for re-assurance, and if there is one we have the competence and resources to fix it on the day for you.

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Additional Information:

If you cannot access an engineer to repair your gas leak, please call the National Grid immediately and they will shut your gas off for free until you can book in a Gas Safe engineer to repair the leak.