Sink Repairs, Blockages, and Installs

Whether you are suffering from clogging problems in your kitchen or you want to replace your old sink, then you came to the right page. It is important to do sink repairs when the problem is still small, instead of waiting for it to become a huge problem in the future.

Faucet leaks might seem to be a minor inconvenience for your household, but they waste a lot of water that can lead to an increase in your monthly water bill. You need to employ the services of a professional plumber to do your sink repairs for you. We can inspect your sink thoroughly, find the source of leak, and provide the right solution.

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Poorly maintained sinks can lead to water damage to the surrounding surfaces. The longer the problem is left unattended, the worse the damage will be and the more expensive it will be to fix it. That’s why it is best to address the problem as soon as possible.

Aside from leaks, blockages are also one of common plumbing problems. Kitchen and bathroom sinks can experience clogging issues. They happen for various reasons, from small objects to hair. In order to decrease the risk of blockages, there are some items that you should not put down the drain. These include grease, oil, fats, coffee grounds, stickers, kitty litter, medication, corrosive substances, paper towels, and egg shells.

If you are experiencing standing water in a sink, you should not attempt to clear it with a liquid drain cleaner. You should use a plunger instead. Or better yet, call us to get the job done. We will ensure that your sink will be free of blockages as soon as possible. We have the tools and equipment to clear the trap under the sink without damaging the area around it.

Another service we provide is the replacement and installation of sinks. If you are thinking or renovating or getting rid of that old sink in your kitchen or bathroom, then let our experts handle the installations for you. Our team are equipped with the experience, knowledge and tools required to do the job as quick as possible. They can take on sink installs and replacements for additions, new homes, and remodels.

Our priority is to provide reliable sink repairs, blockages and installs services. We make sure that our clients are 100 percent satisfied with our work. No matter how big or small your sink problems might be, we will be there to assist you with your needs. Our technicians are highly skilled, insured and licensed. They have been trained to do the sink repairs right the first time. Our services are competitively priced, so that you can resolve any sink problems without going over your budget.

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All our workmanship carries a 2 year guarantee and our plumbers are fully accredited and have at 4 years experience. If you require a quote or a fast efficient plumbing repair contact us on 02037725959.

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