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Only £240 inc VAT


Power flushing is a process that was designed in order to remove the rust, sludge and other debris deposits that can accumulate within the central heating system. If not dealt with properly, the contaminants can lower the efficiency of your heating system, causing severe malfunctions that will lead to costly repairs.

Flushing your heating system will reduce your fuel bills and ensure increased circulation of heat and hot water around your property.

  • 2 – 5 year Guarantee*
  • our powerflush certificate is accepted by Home Serve and British Gas
  • member of the Power Flush Association
  • all our engineers are fully insured and accredited.

*All our Power flushes have a 2 year guarantee (5 years if a magnaclean is fitted at the same time as the power flush is being carried out)

Please add £60 if you have a system boiler system (it has a water tank and hot water cylinder)
Power Flush for 1 – 7 Radiators
£240 inc vat
Power Flush for 8 Radiators
£280 inc vat
Power Flush for 9 Radiators
£300 inc vat
Power Flush for 10 Radiators
£320 inc vat
Power Flush for 11 Radiators
£340 inc vat
Power Flush for 12 Radiators
£360 inc vat
Increase your warranty to 5 years by adding a Magnaclean.
inc VAT

The Magnaclean is a central heating filtration system. The Magnaclean offers added protection to your boiler against damage, helps it to last longer and to run more efficiently.  This reduces the risk of central heating breakdowns, will give you substantial savings on central heating maintenance as well as extending the life of the heat exchanger and system pump.

*This is price can only be offered if purchased with a Power Flush Service

Signs that you might need power flushing
Signs that you might need power flushing

There are multiple signs that you can look out for before you choose this type of process. Most of the time, if you have cold areas on radiators, or if an excessive noise is coming from the boiler/heating system pump, then this process will help you solve the issue as fast as possible and with the best outcome.

Moreover, powerflushing can also be used when you have discolored water when you bleed the radiators, but at the same time the heating system will be slow warming too, which is an important thing to note. There are situations in which the tap water can also get cloudy, which is also a bad thing.


What does power flushing consist of?
What does power flushing consist of?

What the process actually does is that it restores the entire water circulation within the central heating system. It also manages to eliminate the noise made by the pump and boiler as well. The engineer will connect a pressure pumping unit to the heating system and then the chemicals integrated within the unit will infiltrate the heating unit to flush out anything bad existing right now in the heating system.

Benefits Of Powerflushing
Benefits Of Powerflushing

There are multiple benefits that come from using this process, and these range from improving the overall heating efficiency to preventing the build up of oxidative sludge. Thanks to it, you can also reduce the boiler noise, have hotter radiators, improve the water circulation and also increase the overall life span of your boiler/radiator. The process is also very fast to perform, it lasts less than a day and if performed properly you will be able to save up to 15% on heating bills, which is more than impressive!


  • Improves central heating efficiency
  • Power Flush Association member
  • Prevents build up of oxidative ‘sludge’
  • Extends lifespan of radiators and boilers
  • Improves water circulation
  • Reduces boiler noise
  • Heating up times are reduced
  • Hotter radiators
  • Save on 15% on heating bills

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If you want to maintain your heating system in a perfect shape and keep it running properly, then a power flush is a great process to help you in this regard. Suitable for all types of heating systems, it comes with amazing results and in the end it can deliver a very good experience. All you have to do is to contact us right now and access our amazing power flush service right now, take your heating system to the next level with a very small, yet efficient investment!

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