Which health and safety certificates are required to rent out a property in 2015

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28 June 2015

This is a quick update on gas safety certificate and electrical safety certificate responsibilities for a landlord set by the government this year. This information has been sourced for the .GOV website. Your landlord must keep the property you live in safe and free from any health hazards.

Gas Safety Certificate

Your landlord must:
  • make sure gas equipment they supply is safely installed and maintained by a Gas Safe registered engineer
  • have a registered engineer do an annual gas safety on each appliance and flue
  • give you a copy of the gas safety check record before you move in, or within 28 days of the check

Electrical Safety Certificate and Portable Appliance Testing

Your landlord must make sure:
  • the electrical system is safe, eg sockets and light fittings
  • all appliances they supply are safe, eg cookers and kettles

Fire Safety Certificate

Your landlord must:
  • follow fire safety regulations, eg check you have access to escape routes at all times
  • make sure the furniture and furnishings they supply are fire safe
  • provide fire alarms and extinguishers (if the property is a large House in Multiple Occupation (HMO)

Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

This is not a health and safety certificate, but a building energy performance document. From 9 January 2013 all advertisements for either selling or renting property must clearly show the energy rating of the building. This includes newspapers and magazines, any written material produced by the landlords or estate/letting agents, and on the internet. Source: https://www.gov.uk/private-renting/your-landlords-safety-responsibilities (external link)  

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