SAFETY ALERT: Sime Boilers

By: admin

31 May 2013

This Safety Alert has been published to highlight a possible safety issue with the Sime “Format C” boilers, models 80C, 100C and 110C. A small number of these boilers (less than 1%) have malfunctioned due to a faulty printed circuit board. This has resulted in severe overheating of the appliance.

Background Gas Safe registered engineers that encounter any of these boilers that are not already modified, should advise their customers immediately that the boiler should not be used until a manufacturer supplied safety kit is fitted.

The safety kit comprises of a manual reset overheat thermostat, securing spring and necessary electrical connection components Part No. 8089851. For reference safety kit installation instructions can be read here.

Action to take It is not possible to prevent the failure of the printed circuit board.

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