Plumb Kit Install

By: admin

2 February 2018

After doing a gas safety inspection for one our clients, their boiler installation was deemed unsafe or (At Risk). By Gas Safe regulation any boiler flue that is less than 300mm from a opening for example a window, air brick or extractor fan. It is classed as At Risk (AR) via Gas Safe regulations. This is because boiler emissions from the flue could enter or be blown back into the building. For this particular installation the boiler flue was under 300mm from a window opening. The solution we offered to the client was to install a 'Plumb Kit' which will extend the flue further away from the window opening. Please see the before and after pictures below:

Plumb kit beforeThe image on the left shows the original flue to close to window.

        Plumbit afterThe image on the left shows the new Plumb kit installed

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