New Service : Electrical Visual Inspection

By: admin

22 May 2021

We only recommend this service to Landlords who have a property built before 2005 and not had an EICR carried out since 2005. This is because, more than likely your EICR will be unsatisfactory and electrical installation will be inline of the new 18th Edition regulations. It is more than likely your fuse board or wiring needs upgrading. So full testing (EICR) at an old fuse board would not be needed as once upgraded the readings from the fuse board will be different.

So instead of having a full EICR done prematurely we recommend just doing a Visual Inspection which costs only £60 inc vat.

If you do the upgrades with us, or with any other company such as a fuse board change an EICR will be included for free of charge. Landlord Certificates is pro-actively trying to find methods for Landlords to save money and cut costs especially during in such a volatile climate.

Book in a Visual Inspection

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