NEW: Electrical Breakdown Cover

By: admin

16 April 2023

Landlord Certificates has now introduced a new electrical breakdown service. This is no ordinary breakdown service just for your home or rental property.

We wanted to introduce a service on the market that not only covers a landlord for electrical breakdowns but also ensures they are continuously inline with electrical regulation and not breaking the law.

EICRs are usually have to be done between every 3 to 5 years. But a lot can happen between this period especially new tenancies, and it is highly recommended that interim checks are done to ensure tenants, or third parties have not tampered with electrics to ensure you are covered.

So with our new breakdown cover, you receive a free visual inspection every year, and also a free EICR* when it is due. *To receive a free EICR you need to be on our breakdown cover for 3 years or alternatively a £36 supplement fee is required, if on a breakdown plan before 3 years.

Our electrical breakdown cover costs only £7 /mth or £84 /annum

Please call our office on 020 3772 5959 for more information.

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