Magna Clean Service only £25 + vat

By: admin

22 January 2017

We are now offering all our customers a magna clean service for only £25 + vat.

The Magnaclean is a central heating filtration system, which is becoming an essentMagna Clean Beforeial element in any new installation.  It is a water treatment device that can be fitted anywhere on the heating system, but it is generally preferable to fit them close to the boiler on the return.  Although there are various different brands of filter, the Magnaclean is probably one of the best known brands. The return on the hot water from the central heating comes back and flows into the Magnaclean and then flows back into the boiler. The cleaner your water in your  central heating system means that your hot water flows at a higher pressure, your house will heat up faster, you will use less gas (saving money!) and your heating system will run much more efficiently. Magna Clean AfterThe Magnaclean offers added protection to your boiler against damage, helps it to last longer and to run more efficiently.  This reduces the risk of central heating breakdowns, will give you substantial savings on central heating maintenance as well as extending the life of the heat exchanger and system pump.

Magnaclean Servicing

It is recommended that you have your Magnaclean serviced annually – preferably at the same time as your boiler service.  During a Magnaclean service, the heating engineer will clean the magnet inside using specialist equipment.    

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