Magna Clean Install in E17 for only £60 inc vat

By: admin

22 May 2016

Yesterday we installed a magna clean alongside a Power Flush for only £60 inc vat. The Magnaclean is a central heating filtration system.  It is a water treatment device that can be fitted anywhere on the heating system. A magna clean benefits your boiler efficiency as it will increase the hot water flow and the boiler will heat up faster, you will use less gas (saving money!) and your heating system will run much more efficiently. The Magnaclean offers added protection to your boiler against damage, helps it to last longer and to run more efficiently.  This reduces the risk of central heating breakdowns, will give you substantial savings on central heating maintenance as well as extending the life of the heat exchanger and system pump. Most boiler companies will only honour your warranty or extend it if you have one installed. Magna Clean Install

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