Landlord Leaves Tenant Without Heating

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17 November 2019

Private London Landlord Leaves Tenant Without Heating After Caging Thermostat In Glass Case.

As we can all agree, the relationship with yourself as a Landlord and the tenant is always key. Especially as you must ensure to keep them safe by getting the ''Gas Certificate'' inspection done yearly alongside electrical checks etc. However, locking your tenant's thermostat away in a glass case may not be the best way to start the relationship.

On Twitter Alex Milsom has shared a picture of his nest thermostat caged in a glass case saying ''do not touch''. After sharing this, it had quickly gone viral gaining major media attention from all over the world.

Alex Milsom (the tenant) said the following: “We had the Nest installed earlier this month, and then sometime between Friday night and Saturday afternoon we found our Nest adopted the motto of MC Hammer – namely ‘can’t touch this’ – and lo-and-behold we had no ability to control the thermostat. This also affected our ability to control the hot water – and today and yesterday we found our hot water availability in short-supply.”

Polly Neate, chief executive of Shelter, said: “This is yet another example of the raw deal private renters get in England. If your home is excessively cold or hot, it can be classed as a hazard under the health and safety rating system for rented homes. It is not acceptable for a landlord to provide an inadequate level of heating. Shelter’s trained advisors are on hand seven days a week to support anyone facing housing problems like this, from poor quality housing to eviction notices.

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