Landlord Boiler Installation Service

By: admin

29 September 2013

At Landlord Certificates we understand how frustrating and nerve racking it can be when you are informed your boiler needs replacing. Your investment seems to be more of a liability. Well we completely understand you want to keep your overheads low to enjoy the profits of your investment, so we have come up with a very special offer for Landlords that require a boiler installation. For only £550* we will:
  • Install the boiler of your choice;
  • Install a magna flow;
  • *also which no other uk company offers - 3 years worth of gas safety certificates including boiler servicing worth up to £240
All our engineers are not only Gas Safe thay have been trained by the most popular manufactures on the markets and can extend the warranty on a:
  • Valliant to 7 years
  • Worcestor to up to 10 years
  • Ideal to 7 years
  • Baxi to 7 years

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