Inspection hatches fitted in SE16

By: admin

16 April 2016

Yesterday one of our engineers fitted access panels to a property which a boiler was deemed At Risk under a Gas Safe regulation. From 1 January 2013, any Gas Safe registered engineer will classify the boiler as At Risk, this means that they will turn the boiler off, with your permission, and formally advise you not to use it until inspection hatches have been fitted in appropriate places. Some properties, mainly flats and apartments, have been built with boiler flues which cannot be inspected because they are hidden behind walls or ceilings. The boiler flues that this information relates to are connected to room-sealed fan assisted boilers only. Gas Safe registered engineers need to be able to see the flue − which take fumes away from the boiler − as part of essential safety checks whenever the boiler is worked on. A flue in poor condition, combined with a room-sealed boiler that is not working properly, could put you and your family in danger from co poisoning. If you do have a room-sealed boiler where all, or part of, the flue cannot be seen, you, or your landlord, will need to arrange for inspection hatches to be fitted. This does not mean that your flue system is suddenly unsafe. The pictures below illustrate the inspection hatches fitted to a property in SE16, which than enabled him to examine the flue within the void to confirm the boiler is 'Safe'. Inspection Hatch Inspection Hatch  

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