Inspection Hatch Installation in W8

By: admin

29 April 2019

Today we carried out an inspection hatch installation for a new client. We carried out a gas inspection prior which classed the boiler 'At Risk'.

At Risk' is a risk classification used by gas engineers and means that your boiler and flue system could become dangerous in the future, in this case it is used because the engineer cannot examine the length of the flue to confirm it is safe. As a consumer you are within your rights to refuse permission for it to be turned off, however you will be asked to sign paperwork to confirm you accept responsibility for those defects identified in the system – in this case, the potential for fumes to escape unnoticed from the concealed flue into the property. Your gas engineer can continue to work on your boiler including servicing it and undertaking maintenance work.

Our client on the basis that her gas boiler was classed 'unsafe' instructed us to carry out the installation for 2 inspection hatches. This was to ensure her flue seals were accessible for inspection and to ensure we can sign off her gas boiler as 'safe' if there was visible once the flue could be inspected.

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