COVID-19 : Third Lockdown – Policy and Updates

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4 January 2021

Updated 04.01.2021 -

The safety and well-being of our customers and colleagues is always our number one priority – and never more so than now, during the third wave Coronavirus outbreak.

Responding to the latest guidance and advice from the World Health Organisation and the Government, we’re making some practical changes to service delivery as we will be in National Lockdown from the 4th January 2021.

What preventative measures are our engineers doing!

  • Contractors will wear a new set of latex protective gloves per booking;
  • Contractors will wear face masks;
  • When onsite the engineer will ask the occupant(s) to go into a separate room or to an outside area when carrying out inspections.
  • Testing equipment will be sanitised daily;
  • Engineers will self distance 2m or more from any occupant;
  • The engineer will ask the person giving access to the property the following questions:
    • Do you have any fever / cough symptoms;
    • Are you self-isolating or have been quarantined;
    • Have you been tested positive for COVID-19 (Coronavirus)
    • Are you over 60?
    • Are you classed as high risk?
    • Are you pregnant?
    • If any of the above are ‘true’ we will have to inform the occupier we will have to reschedule.
  • If any of our engineers or staff have mild cough / fever symptoms will be asked to self-isolate for 7 days.

What preventative measures will our staff be doing!

  • When sales staff book in jobs they will be asking similar questions to what are our engineers will asking clients before entering a property. We understand some Landlords may not know all the answers maybe due to their relationship with the tenant but any information will prove useful.
  • Circumstances are currently highly volatile, so the day before the appointment we will be sending an sms to clients, giving them the opportunity to change the appointment.
  • Our office staff is updated daily and are working proactively to ensure we are doing our best to limit the spread of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

Our main aim is to support the government agenda to slow the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and with our own personal goal is to ensure limited direct contact with anyone who is deemed high risk (anyone 60 + with underlying health conditions).

We remain in close contact with our teams and Public Health England so we can prepare for all eventualities as the situation continues to evolve.

Gas Safe Register our regulator has also made an update on the 23.10.2020
providing detailed information on guidance for Landlords and Engineers which also references relevant statements from the website.

Find out more on the gas safe register website (external link)

Thank you for your ongoing support as we work through these challenges.

Kind Regards,
Landlord Certificates Ltd

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