Home owner gas leak repair

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15 June 2019

One of clients asked if we can carry out a gas inspection on his home for the first time, yesterday. He has been living there for over 5 years and said that every year he ensures his tenants are safe, but never himself and family.

When doing a tightness test (gas leak test), the engineer flagged there was a 5mb drop in pressure; anything over 4mb is considered a gas leak and is immediately dangerous. If the national grid, or any gas engineers identifies a gas leak - they will need to cap the meter until repaired.

 Gas Leak Repair

The homeowner asked if we could seek and repair the gas leak. The engineer spent a further 1 - 2 hours identifying and repairing the gas leak. It was on a join on a gas pipe under the floor boards.

The gas leak was repaired and the gas could than be turned back on. Our client was very happy with our reactive approach and the engineer worked after hours to resolve the issue to ensure he could turn back on his gas.

A lot of home owners neglect the fact that they should ensure they are gas safe due to the potential hazards and risks if they do not. We would really advise every homeowner in the UK to carry out a gas safety certificate annually.

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