Gas Leak Repair

By: admin

2 March 2016

Today, one of our gas engineers was booked to attend a gas leak in East London. Prior to our visit, the customer tried several other gas companies but all failed to identify where the leak was. ‘Alkan’ one of our most experienced gas leak repairers successfully found the gas leak using a 'bubble technique'. Yes bubbles an old fashion, manual technique. Most new engineer or companies use a 'sniffer' which is an electronic device to source gas leakage. The client mentioned all the companies that tried this method failed to identify the leak. Sometimes experience and old fashion methods are a much more robust to identify and repair plumbing and gas issues. Below is a picture of the valve, where a compound was added and bubbled, indicating a gas leak. gasoldrepair The engineer than went to a plumbers merchants to source the valve and fitted it. Gas Leak Repair new valve The end result was a very happy customer who gave us a priceless review.

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