Don’t put yourself at RISK

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3 November 2019

Don't put yourself at risk

In 2019 it was reported that more than 5.5 million people in the UK are putting their health and finances at risk by not getting their gas appliances safety checked every year.  Getting a Landlord Certificate is important for your rental property as it is a legal obligation. But often due to this we often forget the importance of a Home Owner.

Year in and year out, Landlords ensure that their Gas Safety inspections of their rental properties are safe and meet current regulations.

If you are a homeowner, the safety in your property is just as important! Many Home Owners neglect the fact they should check if the property they reside in is 'SAFE'.

We serve over 1,000+ Landlord certificates in London a month. Many properties can fail due to many reasons. It could even be a gas leak which has been left undetected for over 10 years. Whether they fail - 99% of Landlords will get it rectified to ensure they meet legal requirements to ensure their properties for tenants are safe.

But why should you forget about your own safety? just because it may not be a legal obligation as a homeowner, at Landlord Certificates we all believe your safety should be right at the top with the tenant's safety.

Have you ever checked if you have a gas leak in your property? Any co leakage in your property? or the last time your smoke alarm was working?

Your boiler has been leaking for a while, you manage to fix your boiler problems for a few months and it comes back. Is there a dangerous fault inside the boiler that can put YOU at risk?

Your electrics trip from time to time, you assume there is a fault with the fuse but just decided to turn the fuse on and off again and it works. I know we have all been there and done that but when was the last time you even checked to see if your fuse board even had RCD protections? Not having an RCD on your fuse board is an instant FAIL it will put your life at RISK.

Left unchecked, gas appliances can cause gas leaks, fires, explosions and carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning. Not only can these kill you, but they can also result in damage to your home which can run into thousands of pounds to rectify.

Please don't forget that your safety is so important and the issues your tenant complains about, may well just be happening in your own property but you overlook it. So, we advise you to check that your property is safe by getting one of our gas safe engineers or electrical engineers to come and make an assessment.

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